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Kefilwe Manyaka

has more than twenty years services in the corporate environment within the IT and organisational change roles. As an Operations Director, she provides strategic direction in matters relating to digitalisation which keeps the company abreast with digital transformation thereby ensuring to a seamless customer experience in the company. Kefilwe manages the Personality Assessments to customers and provides feedback in the organisation within the coaching division. This service helps individuals to identify their core personality traits and sets a blueprint on how to achieve their self-awareness. She also wears a hat of a Finance Director and is responsible for the financial health of the company and the sustainability of collaborating as well partnering initiatives.

Peter Manyaka

started mentoring students and aspirant functional managers from 1998 focusing on performance management and career planning. This then grew into life coaching focusing on relationship and personal development offered in informal sessions. After attending various leadership courses, receiving both business and personal coaching including completing an MBA as well as an Executive Coaching certificate, the coaching services progressed to a formal role and tiered towards business clients. Working in a corporate environment and the vast financial experience enhanced the leadership skills, which augmented the service offered to leaders of various entities which eventually led to the decision of starting a coaching business in 2012. Peter is currently the Managing Director of the company.


Leadership Coaching

We offer our management, executive or general leadership clients, current and future the opportunity to have valuable conversations that promises to lead them to a path of self-awareness and fulfilment. Our conversations are based on our values of ethics and confidentiality with a strong emphasis on sustainable growth trajectory.

Our conversations are based on our values of ethics and confidentiality with a strong emphasis on sustainable growth trajectory. We are an authorised practitioner of an internationally renowned assessment tool, the ENNEAGRAM program which is an archetypal framework that offers an in-depth insight to individuals, groups and collectives to help them craft their life journey.

We believe this tool will be able to unlock some of the untapped potential that lies within our clients' abilities which could lead to successful journeys of self-discovery.


Career, Individual and Group Coaching

Our Goal-oriented coaching method is geared towards assisting individuals and teams to achieve set goals. It is about helping people, including team leaders to regulate and direct their interpersonal and personal resources to better attain their goals.

We understand that career choices are one of the key indicators that determines a person's attainment of their purpose, and it is for this reason that we include career coaching as part of our offering.

The primary method is to help people to form well-crafted goals and develop an effective action plan. The use of the assessment tools particularly the Enneagram, affords us and the individuals an opportunity to create clear and precise development path.

Business Coaching

We provide strategic conversations to help empower our customers to achieve the most efficient way of running their businesses, or any other types of entities.

We understand that businesses are a conglomerate of humanness that come together to achieve common goals for the purposes of creating customer value.

It is for this need that sometimes routes to the strategy can be blurred which may lead to the impact on the value chain. We believe with the experience and capability we have, allows for an opportunity to have conversations to align teams to towards achieving common goals.


Assessment Tools

We provide personality assessments to assist our clients identify their core personality traits and styles that define how they see and interact with their environment. Our in-house assessment tool is the Enneagram program which is an archetypal framework that offers an in-depth insight to individuals, groups and collectives to help them craft the life journey.

We believe that the assessment tools will be able to unlock some of the untapped potential that lies within our clients’ abilities which could lead to successful journeys of self-discovery.

Business Advisory


Working with teams within organisations, enabling and supporting them to achieve their objectives in a way that encourages involvement from all members.

This creates a sense of inclusion during all contributions and builds ownership of the process which releases the potential of the group and its members.

Clearly defining specific goals, making decisions from among options for getting there, and fully scoping out the potential results of selecting a particular option.

We assist entities to create relevant and value-based processes. We also assist in reviewing existing processes for a possible improvement and realignment to achieve desired organisational goals.

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    “…you stretch to the limits of my imagination in a continuous sea of blackness where you grow stars and galaxies cultivating them in their billions, you never stop to rest, you never stop for a cup of tea for your duties are immense and your responsibilities unimaginable for you are the universe...”

    Kenneth Maswabi

    Business coach in Johannesburg | Moriwadunai Investments

    Coaches in Johannesburg / leadership coach in Johannesburg / business coach in Johannesburg | Personality assessment | Personal goals

    Leadership coach in Johannesburg Fortunately, Business coach in Johannesburg you don’t have to reinvent the wheel if you’re a leader. The leadership stories and lessons of others can help you more quickly level up your skills.

    Business coach in Johannesburg

    Seeing what works (and doesn’t) for others is a great way to build your own leadership style and toolkit. Over time, you’ll find what fits your personality and role. This then helps you seek out more lessons that can specifically apply to you. We’ve covered leadership stories from many leaders on the Lighthouse blog over time like Camille Fournier, Mark C Crowley, Kate Matsudaira, John Wooden, and a myriad of others in anecdotes within larger posts. Today, we get a little more personal. Below are 3 leadership stories from my life that surprised me in their power. They’re lessons I keep in mind regularly. 3 Leadership Stories to Help You be a Better Manager When you’re leading others, you quickly learn that there’s a lot that changes. What you do, what you say, how you say things, and how you react are all watched by your team. Over time, you learn good things to do, key habits to remember, and what not to do. These are 3 of my favorite leadership stories that proved to be “aha” moments for me. leadership stories – Business coach in Johannesburg knows how key it is to ask Leadership Stories #1: Business coach in Johannesburg There and back again, turning an A Player into a B Player Business coach in Johannesburg In a past company, we had a small team that worked remotely. We got together a few times a month, but otherwise relied on email and calls to stay on the same page. This was great to allow everyone to be efficient and focused on their work. Unfortunately, it also created management blind spots.

    Moriwadunai Investments

    Over time, another leader and I Business coach in Johannesburg noticed one of our best team members seemed to be disengaging. They didn’t bring the same enthusiasm and extra touch to their work we previously saw. In a one on one with their Leadership coach in Johannesburg manager, Business coach in Johannesburg we discussed their recent work. Did we need to let them go? What happened? Kefilwe – Moriwadunai Investments Neither of us knew the answer. The epiphany: A lack of real communication As we continued speaking we realized both of us had failed to check in with her. It had actually been months since either of us last checked in with her. Realizing their drop in quality of work might just be our fault, I took responsibility. I reached out to them and immediately scheduled a 1 on 1. I’m very glad I did. I started the 1 on 1 by apologizing that we hadn’t been checking in with them. Then we started talking about how they were doing. Leadership Peter Kefilwe Business coach in Johannesburg Leadership coach in Johannesburg

    Business coach in Johannesburg

    It was then I discovered that their Business coach in Johannesburg Leadership coach in Johannesburg interests had shifted and they wanted to make some small changes to their role. They also had different long term goals now, so what we thought was great tasks that furthered those goals, were actually wrong. What’s most amazing to me in retrospect is how quickly things turned around. After just two 1 on 1s where I listened and made some small changes, they started showing their past enthusiasm and quality work. The Lesson: From that point forward, I’ve always kept in mind Business coach in Johannesburg that you can’t take any of your good people for granted. You have to make time to check in on them, and assume if there’s a problem it could just as much be you causing it as anything wrong with them. Contact us Coaching

    Leadership coach in Johannesburg

    And all it took was making time to listen and Business coach in Johannesburg take action on what I heard. Why it works:

    For decades, great leaders have sworn Business coach in Johannesburg by the value of one on ones. Yet, there wasn’t always qualitative evidence to back it up. Fortunately, now there is.